Mercancías para el hogar

Mercancías para el hogar


4pcs Car Air Freshener Refill

The 4pcs Car Air Freshener Refill offers a dynamic and refreshing scent experience for your vehicle and various spaces. With a range of vibrant colors and a blend of calming scents, these refills are designed to last, providing a pleasant aroma that gradually diminishes over three days. Ideal for cars, toilets, wardrobes, bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, these air fresheners are a stylish and functional addition to any environment.


3 PCS Color Printing Paper Mini Printer Thermal Paper Colorful Adhesive Self-adhesive Paper Label Sticker

Introducing our 3 PCS Color Printing Paper Mini Printer Thermal Paper, a pack of colorful adhesive self-adhesive paper labels designed for wireless BT photo inkless printers. These versatile labels offer high-definition printing, ensuring that every detail is captured with clarity. Ideal for refilling kids' cameras and other devices, they provide a seamless user experience with their smooth operation and long-lasting quality.


4pcs Of Square Mirror Wall Stickers, 2mm Thick Acrylic 3D Wall Tiles, Suitable For Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom

The 4pcs Square Mirror Wall Stickers are a stylish and modern 3D wall decoration solution. Made from 2mm thick acrylic PMMA, these stickers are designed for various rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. With a plain pattern, they offer a sleek look and can be freely combined to create unique designs.


Solid Color Plush Eye Cover

The Solid Color Plush Eye Cover is a luxurious sleep aid designed to provide comfort and darkness for a restful night's sleep. Made from 100% Polyester, this lightweight and soft eye mask comes in a variety of vibrant colors. It's hand-wash friendly and crafted for long-lasting use, ensuring a comfortable and undisturbed sleep experience.


New Mini Neck Fan Portable Bladeless Hanging Neck Rechargeable Air Cooler 3 Speed Summer Sports Fans

Meet the New Mini Neck Fan Portable Bladeless Hanging Neck Rechargeable Air Cooler, a revolutionary cooling companion designed for summer sports and outdoor enthusiasts. This mini neck fan features a bladeless design for safety, three adjustable speed settings for personalized comfort, and a rechargeable battery for on-the-go convenience. With its sleek ABS construction and stylish white and navy blue color options, this portable air cooler is the epitome of innovation and style


Usb Rechargeable Antique Bronze Carved Men's Hair Clippers With Large Screen Battery Display For Professional Barbershops

Introducing the USB Rechargeable Antique Bronze Carved Men's Hair Clippers - a professional-grade grooming tool designed for barbershops and personal use. These clippers boast a sleek antique bronze finish, a large screen battery display, and a powerful motor for efficient cutting. USB charging, a built-in lithium battery, and a wide voltage compatibility make them versatile and convenient. CE and FCC certifications ensure safety and quality, perfect for a precision haircut experience.


Cinta de sellado a prueba de sonido e insonorización

La cinta de sellado de espacio a prueba de viento y insonorizado es una tira de sellado de puerta diseñada para bloquear los borradores de manera efectiva, proporcionando características a prueba de viento e insonorización. Esta cinta gris está hecha de material de PVC y tiene 93 cm de longitud, lo que permite la personalización cortando el tamaño con tijeras o una cuchilla. Ayuda a mantener un ambiente doméstico cómodo bloqueando el aire frío y la transferencia de calor, reduciendo los ruidos ambientales, y es fácil de usar, instalar y quitar sin causar daño a su puerta.


Cubierta de tazón de microondas de plástico redondo transparente de gran tamaño

La cubierta de tazón de microondas de plástico redondo transparente de gran tamaño es una cocina versátil esencial diseñada para simplificar la preparación y el almacenamiento de los alimentos. Esta cubierta transparente, hecha de plástico duradero, está diseñada específicamente para el uso de microondas, ofreciendo protección contra salpicaduras de aceite mientras se calienta. Con su tamaño generoso y su color blanco claro, se adapta a la mayoría de los tazones y platos estándar, asegurando el uso sin problemas.

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